Garfield Perry March Party 2016

2016 Annual General Meeting of the Éire Philatelic Association

The 2016 meeting of the ÉPA was held in Cleveland, Ohio in conjunction with the Garfield-Perry Stamp Club’s 126th Annual March Party, March 10 – 12, 2016

The ÉPA had its Board meeting on March 10th.   Business matters included approval of the Minutes of the Board and General meetings of the ÉPA at CHICAGOPEX 2015, as well as  reports from the Secretary, President, Treasurer, Vice-President of North America, Revealer editor and our Librarian (written report).  The Board voted to increase the seller’s commission to 15% on all auction lots sold under $25.

The exhibit area had an excellent representation  from EPA members, with several of the exhibits  associated with the anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.   There were  ten exhibits of Irish material, for a total of 36 frames. Robert Benninghoff had three exhibits: The Collection of Postage Due Fees in Ireland 1914 to 1926; The Provisional Government of Ireland December 1921 to December 1922; and Irish Coil Stamps 1922 to 1970.  Bill O’Connor had an interesting four-frame postcard exhibit on A Visit to Ireland and The International Exhibition, Dublin, 1907 as Seen Through the Picture Postcards of the Time.   Liam Malone had a colorful three-frame exhibit on Wild Flower Definitives of Ireland as well as a six-frame exhibit The Postage Dues of Ireland. Raymond Murphy had a single-frame exhibit Official Mail of the Provisional Government and the Irish Free State 1922 – 1937. Barney Clancy had two exhibits, a ten-frame exhibit Ireland Postal Stationary 1922 – 1942 and a single-frame Political and Propaganda Labels of Ireland.  New member Bridget McLain exhibited her late father’s exhibit Ireland’s Stamps of Independence: An Irish Identity Revealed.  In addition, Ray coordinated a single frame exhibit on Irish philately ,with pages contributed by members and was displayed at the ÉPA table.   Palmares for these and other exhibits were presented at the banquet and are described by Vice-president Ray Murphy in another article in this issue.

Our AGM was brought to order by President Rich Kelly with a moment of silence for four deceased members; Frank Holzmueller (1667), Peter J. Foote (1722), William McLain (1935), and Steven G. Anderson (2344).   The membership has increased by eleven new members plus one reinstatement since our last AGM in November 2015.  This increase is due to the efforts of our officers, especially Bob Kemper, our auction manager, and our new web site, which won a Gold in the 2015 APS web site competition.  Minutes of our last AGM on November 21, 2015 were approved.   President Kelly announced a new commission structure for future auctions.   Our next AGM will be at MILCOPEX 2017, in Milwaukee WI.

Director Robert Benninghoff gave a well-illustrated presentation on The Provisional Government of Ireland, The First Year of Independence, December 1921 to December 1922.  The accompanying photos will give you a flavor of this fine meeting.


John B. Sharkey

ÉPA Secretary

March 15, 2016


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