An Post Issues Ninth Definitive Series

On 25 January 2018, An Post iissued Phase II of the Ninth Definitive Stamp Series – ‘A History of Ireland in 100 Objects, a selection’.  The series is based on Fintan O’Toole’s book, ‘A History of Ireland in 100 Objects’, a project which originally involved The Irish Times, The National Museum of Ireland and the Royal Irish Academy.  With the launch of the stamp series, An Post became a partner in the project.

The objects shown on the two first day covers open a window into an important moment in Irish history.  Featured on the first cover are: the Loughnashade Trumpet, an outstanding piece of Celtic art; the Keshcarrigan Bowl, early first-century, features a superb handle, cast in the shape of a bird’s head; St. Patrick’s Confessio c. AD 460-490, a brief account of St. Patrick’s life in his own words; and the Book of Kells, 9th century, Ireland’s greatest cultural treasure and the world’s most famous medieval manuscript.

Featured on the second cover are: the Petrie ‘crown’, second century, a sheet of bronze, with a pair of highly decorated discs attached to its front;  the late sixth centurt Springmount Wax Tablets, bearing parts of Psalms 30 and 31 in a beautiful hand; the eighth century silver-gilt ‘Tara’ Brooch, the most outstanding item of secular metalwork of the medieval period; and the eighth century Ardagh Chalice, one of the finist liturgical vessels of the early Christian world.

The series is complemented by the website ‘’.  As the stamps are issued, the website populates with detailed information about each of the featured objects, the social context of the era and showcases images of the objects.


Reference:  irish Stamps, The Collector, 01/18

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