An Post Advertising Cards. [124]

An Post produced two postal cards, not for use in the normal manner of conveying information, etc, between individuals or companies, but rather advertising for upcoming An Post special offers, and their presence at overseas shows. These were sent to customers on the Philatelic Bureau mailing list in the US and are characterized by the use of printed stamps instead of the usual sheet stamps or self-sticks.

The advertisement for the February Pacific 97 show in February 1997 added an offer of a special gift if one turned in the card at their booth. (Figures 1 and 2) This would also aid in verifying their mailing list. A similar card with slightly different wording was used for the New York ASDA show of the same year. (Figures 3 and 4) The total printed was to be sent to collectors in the US. While An Post’s list at the time was significantly larger than today, probably 40 to 50,000, it is relatively small in the scale of things philatelic. Turning in the card, although lucrative, but only served to make the number surviving smaller. How many? Good question, however. this may be a hidden surprise from these shows.

Interestingly, while An Post has since mailed many cards to their customers for Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day and announcing special issues, it has not repeated similar advertising offers since.

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