ÉPA Award For Novice Exhibitor Of Irish Material


This award may be presented to a novice exhibitor of Irish material.  A novice exhibitor is defined as a person who is exhibiting for the first time in a National or nWSP level show.  There is no restriction to class, type or size of exhibit, but the award is restricted to ÉPA members.  The award will be presented at the ÉPA Annual General Meeting.

Award Recipients

Award Date Awardee Name Award Show Description
2013 Brian Harmon BALPEX
2016 Bridget McLain Garfield Perry

Ireland’s Stamps of Independence: An Irish Identity Revealed

2017 John B. Sharkey MILCOPEX 2017

A Short History of Science in Ireland

2022 Matthew Healy NOJEX/ASDA 2022

The Shilling’s Tale: Co-Evolution of Form & Function of the One Shilling Stamp in 19th Century Great Britain