John J. Clark Award

To be presented annually to an ÉPA member who has done outstanding service for the Association. A cumulative service achievement as well as current service may be considered. Each year, the vice president serving as Awards Committee Chairperson will appoint a committee normally of the three most recent recipients of the award to select the next recipient. If in the opinion of the committee, no member has provided an outstanding service to the ÉPA during the year, the award need not be made for the period.

A member may win this award only once. The name of the award winner will be published in the official journal with a citation setting forth the services which were the basis for the award. There will also be an appropriate token of appreciation and a certificate prepared for presentation to the recipient.

Award Recipients

Award Date Awardee Name Award Show Description
1983 Colonel B. B. Zellers
1984 Robert Jones
1985 Edward Ryan
1986 Robert Corless
1988 Margaret Zellers
1990 Patrick Ryan
1991 William O’Connor
1992 Joseph E. Foley
1993 Richard McBride
1994 Michael M. Lenane
1996 Robert Joyce
1997 David J. Brennan
1998 Michael Conway
1999 Major Michael H. Priestley
2000 Michael P. Giffney
2002 Peter E. Bugg
2003 Bernard Clancy
2004 William T. McCaw
2005 Garvin Lohman
2006 George Nicholson
2007 Karl F. Winkelmann
2008 Paul Bento
2009 Wynne Nicholson
2010 Liam Malone
2011 Philip Kane
2013 Timothy O’Shea
2014 John B. Sharkey
2015 Robert Benninghoff Chicagopex 2015

For his encouragement of exhibitors by mentoring and providing awards to encourage exhibiting Irish material.

2018 Bob Kemper BALPEX

In recognition of his outstanding mamagement and development of the ÉPA auction.

2019 Richard Kelly Boxborough MA

For his contributions to the ÉPA, especially for serving in his third term as President.

2021 Brian Warren NOJEX/ASDA 2022

Outstanding contributions to the ÉPA, including his series “That Was The Year That Was”.