Balpex 2018

2018 Annual General Meeting of the Éire Philatelic Association

The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the ÉPA was held on September 1 in Hunt Valley, Maryland, in conjunction with the Baltimore  Philatelic Society’s BALPEX 2018.

Our AGM was brought to order by President Rich Kelly with a moment of silence for deceased member, Joseph P. Robertson( 2246).  After determining that a quorum was present, members approved the Minutes of our last AGM, held at Milcopex in September 2017.  The Secretary reported that the membership is 375, but that a delinquent dues list is being sent to about 75 members whose membership will be terminated unless their dues are received immediately.   The Secretary reported that new member applications are averaging about 20 per year since our website was revitalized, permitting online applications and payment through PayPal.  The Search Engine Optimization project has resulted in more visitors to our website.  Member Phil Kane has completed a huge project putting all of our past Revealers on a thumb drive.  The database is searchable and will be made available to members in the Fall at a very reasonable price.  Two ÉPA Chapter meetings were held in conjunction with Sescal and Westpex, both in California.  At the latter meeting, member Barry Cousins gave an illustrated talk on the early issues of the Irish Republic. Our 2019 AGM will be held in Boxborough MA, in conjunction with the Northeast Federation of Stamp Clubs.

Our Treasurer reported that our revenue has increased from last year, mainly due to donations and auction receipts.  He reported that we are in good financial shape.

President Kelly reported on the August 30th meeting of the ÉPA Board.  Our auction continues to improve in the number of lots and the quality of material, thanks to the direction of Manager Bob KemperWe continue to make improvements in our website, including compliance with the new European Union Data Protection Policy, and the addition of award-winning exhibits.  We are also considering making the website more mobile friendly to other computer devices.  We have a new printer for our quarterly journal The Revealer, now in full color and in a new mailing wrapper.  The ÉPA has published two books recently; Sinn Feín Christmas Postal Service, by Heinz-Juergen Kumpf, and Irish Official Mail by Raymond Murphy.  Both are available through our website under Publications.  The editor of The Revealer recently resigned and we are in search of a new Editor.  Finally, President Kelly thanked ÉPA members for their support and suggestions, members of the Board,  many volunteers for their service and dedication, and finally to Balpex for their hospitality.  The President recognized the contributions of three of our Board members:

Barney Clancy, who is stepping down after many devoted years as our Treasurer.  Bill O’Connor, who is stepping down as our American Vice President (member Michael Canavan will be on the ballot to replace Bill).Bob Benninghoff, for his continued support and generosity concerning Irish exhibits.

Vice-President William O’Connor presented two ÉPA (non-exhibit) awards:

Hans Bergdolt - the Vincent A. Linnell Award for the best article in a single volume of The Revealer, Post Between Ireland and the Ionian Isles in the 1850s.

Bob Kemper - the John J. Clark Award for outstanding service to the ÉPA for his substantial contributions to the economic well being of our association through our auction.

Director Raymond Murphy gave a very thorough and well-illustrated presentation entitled Irish Official Mail   Thanks Ray

John B. Sharkey, ÉPA Secretary, September 6, 2018

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