Boxborough 2019

2019 Annual General Meeting of the Éire Philatelic Association, Minutes

The 2019 Annual General Meeting of the ÉPA was held on May 4that the Regency Conference Center, Boxboro MA, in conjunction with the Philatelic Show 2019. 

Our AGM was brought to order by PresidentRich Kelly with a moment of silence for nine of our deceased members.  Having a quorum, members approved the Minutes of our last AGM, held at Balpex in September 2018.   The Secretaryreported that the membership stands at 307, 11 life-members of unknown status, and 19 complimentary mailings, for a total mailing of 337.   The Search Engine Optimization project has resulted in more visitors to our website.  Member Phil Kane has completed a huge project putting all of our past Revealerson a thumb drive.  The database is searchable and is available through our Special Offers, for $12 (domestic ) and $20 (international) including shipping. Two ÉPA Chapter meetings were held in conjunction with Sescal and Westpex, both in California.  Our next AGM will take place in conjunction with NOJEX, in Fall 2020.

Our new Treasurer, Robert Benninghoff,  reported that the ÉPA is a break even operation.  Although dues do not cover the cost of The Revealer, Special Offers, donations, and the auction allow us to break even.  Donations are needed for our auction.  Bob Kemper was commended for his very successful efforts with the auction.  In order to contain costs, Bob will contact life members and those receiving comp. mailings to see if they are still interested. Non-paying members will be given a last warning.

PresidentKelly reported on the May 2nd meeting of the ÉPA Board.  Our new Editor, Steve Friedenthal has just published his second issue of The Revealer, and things are on schedule and going well.   Please send feedback and articles to Steve.  We had good ad revenue for 2018 and Rich asked that we thank and support our vendors.  We are happy with our new printer, Minuteman Press.  Our auction continues to improve in the number of lots and the quality of material, thanks to the direction of Auction ManagerBob Kemper.  We continue to make improvements to our website, including compliance with the new European Union Data Protection Policy, and the addition of award-winning exhibits. Dues will continue at their current rate for the upcoming year.  Finally, President Kelly thanked ÉPA members for their support and suggestions, members of the Board, and many volunteers for their service and dedication.  The President recognized the contributions of several Board members:  Barney Clancy, who is stepping down after many devoted years as our Treasurer, Bob Benninghoff, for taking on the role of Treasurer, with the help of his wife Jean,  Bill O’Connor, who is filling in as Director replacing Otto Jung, and Liam Malone, outgoing editor of The Revealer.

DirectorWilliam O’Connor (for Vice-PresidentMichael Canavan) presented three ÉPA (non-exhibit) awards: 

The Vincent A. Linnell Award for the best article in a single volume of The Revealer: Raymond Murphy

The John J. Clark Award for outstanding service to the ÉPA: Richard Kelly.

The Thomas E. Field Award outstanding contributions to Irish philately: Raymond Murphy

Bill O’Connor conducted an exciting auction, of donated lots, including a very generous donation by Barry Cousins of Irish propaganda labels and one of his books.  Barry also donated seven of his books to the Cardinal Spellmann Philatelic Library.  The auction was followed by two guest speakers:

Jeffrey Brigham, librarian from the Cardinal Spellman Library and Museum.  The Library is now the home to the ÉPA John Blessington Library.

Barry Cousins, who gave an update on his study of Irish overprints and his current research on the Irish bird definitive series.

JBS 5/17/19

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