The John Blessington Memorial Library of the Éire Philatelic Association (International)

Library Procedures – Members only

INTENT: It is the intent of the association to operate the library to provide a service to ÉPA members to assist you in research and to provide a vehicle to help expand the members’ knowledge of Irish stamps and Irish postal history.  This is considered to be one of the greatest benefits to being a member of the ÉPA.

LOCATION: The library is located and maintained at the Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History, 241 Wellesley Street, Weston MA 02493, and is available for use by ÉPA members without admission charge.

PUBLICITY: The Revealer, the ÉPA  quarterly journal, will be the primary carrier to publicize the services, availability of material announcement of newly arrived material, requests for special or specific items for the library.

SELECTION: Decisions on what material to purchase is left up to the librarian who will of course, solicit suggestions from the membership at large.

OPERATION: The library operation consists of two services:
a. The reproduction of selected articles upon request and the mailing of these copies to the requester.
b. The mailing of specific books and/or pamphlets to the requester for a specific amount of time.

REPRODUCTION OF MATERIAL: A flat rate of $3.00 will be charged for photocopying and mailing articles from any publication.  Scanning: $4 for the first page; $.25 per additional page.  Fax Services: $4 for the first page; $1 per additional page.  Copies are provided in compliance with U.S. Code Title 17 (copyright code).

THE LENDING OF BOOKS: Borrowers may request up to three at one time. To help cover the costs incurred in providing library services, the borrower must pay a Base Fee of $10.00 per shipment/request plus a fee of $3.00 for one book, $4.00 for two books and $5.00 for three books borrowed at one time.

Additional shipping costs for foreign addresses or rush delivery may apply.  All requests for books must be accompanied by the required fee, may payable to Spellman Museum.  A late fee of $1 per week will be assessed if materials are not returned or renewed by the due date.

A return label will be enclosed with each shipment and the borrower is required to insure the item in the amount of $50.00.  The borrower is responsible for all damages to the items shipped beyond reasonable wear and the loss will be assessed by the replacement cost of each item.  Books may be kept for three weeks after receipt.

It should be kept in mind that the library could develop a listing of material that would be difficult if not impossible to replace. In this instance, whether to lend or to reproduce the material is left to the discretion of the librarian so as not to jeopardize the material or violate copyright laws.

INQUIRIES: All inquiries to the library are welcomed. A personal search for a specific subject item would be done if requested. Recommendations, complaints or suggestions will be accepted. Inquiries requiring a reply are requested to furnish a stamped self-addressed legal size envelope.

DONATIONS: The library will gratefully accept donations of books and articles on Irish philately. A special handstamp will be applied to all books recognizing the donor of the item. A thank you will also be made in the Revealer. Financial donations made to the library for the purchase of a book or books would also be recognized and the books will be so marked.

NOTE: For the most part, where numbers are shown parenthetically after a title, they refer only to library file locations.

The listing below is partial.  if you would like to see an updated listing of the ÉPA collection at Spellman, a checklist is available.  Please send an email to the Secretary at and it will be sent by email.

Air Mail

Title Author
50 Years of British Air Mail 1911-19 N.C. Baldwin
Airway Letters to & from Belfast William Murphy
Balloon Posts, Rocket, Helicopter, Parachute and Glider Mail William Murphy
British Air Mail 1784-1946 N. C. Baldwin
British Air Mail 1946- 1951 N. C. Baldwin
British External Airmail until 1934 Alex. S. Newall
Irish Aerogrammes and Airgraphs William Murphy
Irish Ailetter Forms 1984-1987 Otto Jung
Irish Airmail 1919-1990 William Murphy
Irish Crash Airmail Ronny Vogt
Irish Crash Airmails (2nd. Ed) Ronny Vogt


Title Author
Shanahan’s Stamp Auctions 1954-56 Shanahan's Auction


Title Author
Irish Booklets 1931-1991 C.I. Dulin


Title Author
Air Mail Stamps & Airposts of the World 1934 D. Field
Borek Richard Borek
Collecting Irish Stamps 1994 Ian Whyte
Commonwealth Five Reigns 1980 Bridger & Kay
Commonwealth King George VI Catalogue 1983 Bridger & Kay
Great Britain Philatelic Literature 1990 Tom Current
Handbook of Irish Philately David Feldman
Hibernian Stamps of Ireland 1972 Don Buchalter
Hibernian Stamps of Ireland 1976 Hibernian
Hibernian Stamps of Ireland 1980 Hibernian
Hibernian Stamps of Ireland 1983 Hibernian
Hibernian Stamps of Ireland 1985 Hibernian
Hibernian Stamps of Ireland 1986 Hibernian
Postage Stamps of Ireland An Post
Stamps of Ireland 1978 MacDonnell/Feldman
Stamps of Ireland 1979 MacDonnell/Feldman
Stamps of Ireland 1980 MacDonnell/Feldman
Stamps of Ireland 1981 MacDonnell/Feldman
Stamps of Ireland 1983 MacDonnell Whyte
Stamps of Ireland 1987 MacDonnell Whyte
Stamps of Ireland 1991 MacDonnell Whyte
The Revealer Index 1951 – 1990 Patrick J. Ryan, Sr.

Censor Labels

Title Author
The Irish S.P. I. Censor Labels (3- 12) Charles J. G. Verge


Title Author
The First 55 Years of Irish Coils Peter Bugg
The Rare Coil Joseph Foley


Title Author
Coins & Tokens of Ireland Peter Seaby


Title Author
Fist Day Covers Bob Hammell


Title Author
Die Gerlmarken Otto Jung
Ireland’s Permanent Definitive Stamps and Essays, 1922 – 1937 Barry Cousins
The Gerl Definitives Brian Warren
The Irish Architecture Definitives Otto Jung
The Postage Stamps of Ireland 1922-27 W.G. Meredith


Title Author
Forming a Specialized Stamp Collection Ernest H. Wise
How to Arrange & Write-up a Collection Philips & Rang
How to Prepare Stamp Exhibits C. E. Foster
Manual of Philatelic Judging (APS) American Philatelic Society


Title Author
An Overview: Irish Postal History Patricia S. Walker
G. B. Queen Victoria used in Ireland 1840 1901 Eugene M. Labiuk
Great Britain used in Ireland Duane Larson
High value Overprints Joseph E. Foley
Ireland Postal History: 1661 – 1899 Patricia S. Walker
Ireland, 1840- 1901 Kenneth Magee
Ireland: from Postal Reform through 1900 Patricia S. Walker
Ireland: Postal Markings 1660- 1840 Duane Larson
Irish Coil Stamps From 1922 Robert Benninghoff
Irish Coils, 55 Years Peter E. Bugg
Irish Transatlantic Pioneer Airmail Ronny Vogt
Maps and Symbols, Definitive Coils Robert Benninghoff
Postal Markings of Dublin 1818 – 1916 (1994) Charles J. G. Verge
Postal Markings of Dublin 1818 – 1916 (1996) Charles J. G. Verge
Revenue Stamps of Ireland Peter E. Bugg
Staehle Irish Fist Day Covers Joe Foley


Title Author
Ireland 1922- 1927 Robson Lowe


Title Author
Herewith my Frank J. W. Lovegrove
Pre-Victorian Stamps and Franks Batchelor & Picton Pbillips


Title Author
Éire The Story of Éire and Her Stamps James A. Mackay
An Act for the settling of The Postage Unknown
Armagh Post Office C.P. & S.P. O'Neill
Carrying British Mails Overseas Howard Robinson
D. F. Newsletter Vol. 2, #1 – #17 David Feldman
D. F. Newsletter, #26 – #41 David Feldman
Designs for Gerl Issue GPO, Dublin
Eolai an Phoist 1964 Vol. I Post Office
Eolai an Phoist 1969 Vol. I Post Office
Eolai an Phoist 1977 Vol. I Post Office
Eolai an Phoist 1977 Vol.II Post Office
Eolai an Phoist 1982 Vol. I Post Office
Eolai an Phoist 1982 Vol. II Post Office
GB The story of GB and her Stamps James A. Mackay
Green Isle Philately Shanahan's Auction
Ireland’s Transition Dr. C.1. Dulin
Irish Philatelic Circle News 1967- 1986 Irish Philatelic Circle
Irish Philately 1963-1967 Irish Philatelic Circle
Irish Philately 1968-1972 Irish Philatelic Circle
Irish Philately 1971 Irish Philatelic Circle
Irish Philately 1972 Irish Philatelic Circle
Irish Philately 1973 Irish Philatelic Circle
Irish Philately 1974 Irish Philatelic Circle
Irish Philately 1975 Irish Philatelic Circle
Irish Philately 1976 Irish Philatelic Circle
Irish Philately 1977 – 1987 Irish Philatelic Circle
Irish Postage Stamps Christopher R. Hilliard
Irish Stamp News #1 – #34 Ian Whyte
Mid Western Philatelic Society 1989-92 Michael Hartnett
Philatelic Congress of Great Britain F. Hugen
Philatelic Literature Review 1967 Joseph E. Foley
Postage Stamps of Ireland 1922- 1976 GPO, Dublin
Postage Stamps of Ireland 1922-82 GPO, Dublin
Random Notes Fred E. Dixon
Random Notes 1961 – 1967 Philatelic Study Group
The Post Office 1635-1720 Postal History Society
The Revealer 1951 – É.P.A.
The Royal Mint Archives (2-29) Norrnan J. Collins
Valdivia Issue Anon.

Meter Marks

Title Author
Meter Stamps of GB & Ireland (Éire) A. A. Dewey
Meter Stamps of GB & Ireland (Éire) II John C. Mann

Mileage Marks

Title Author
The Mileage Marks of Ireland 1808- 1839 Hans G. Moxter


Title Author
Christmas Seals Around the World Philip Jacobs
Collect Topical Stamps John H. Groet
The Forged Stamps of all Countries (no Ireland) J. Dorn

Newspaper Stamps

Title Author
Newspaper & Almanac Stamps Chandler & Dagnall
Newspaper Stamps of Ireland C. P. O'Neill
Newspaper Tax Stamps Walter Morley


Title Author
Identification ofthe Overprints (1-26) Joseph E. Foley
Irish Free State Plates, Controls and Overprint Settings Barry Cousins
Overprinted Stamps of Ireland 1922 – 1935 Barry Cousins
Overprints (1-7) H. G. Zervas
Postage Stamps of Ireland 2nd Edition W. G. Meredith
Postage Stamps of Ireland 3rd Edition W. G. Meredith
Postage Stamps of Ireland 4th Edition W. G. Meredith

Overprints & Definitives

Title Author
Kohl Handbook, Irish Free State Dr. Herbert Munk
Overprinted Stamps of Ireland James Hill
Postage Stamps of the Irish Free State (3-21) R. A. King


Title Author
Catalog of Perfins of Ireland Richard L. Mewhinney


Title Author
British Stamps overprinted by I RA (1-20, 21) Joseph E. Foley
Ireland’s Easter Rising (1-14) James A. Mackay
Propaganda Overprints on Great Britain and Northern ireland Stamps Barry Cousins
Stamps of the Republican Army (1-2) I. W. Renouf
The Fenian Rising (1-16) James A. Mackay
The Taylor-Made Fenian Essays (3-2) Joseph E. Foley

Postal History

Title Author
75 Years of Irish Stamps FAI
A History of The Irish Post Office Mairead Reynolds
Ballymaclinton Village 1908-1910 G. E. R. Ithel
Carrying British Mail Overseas Howard Robinson
Doctor of Millions Seamus Brady
From The Archives of the Irish Post Office Joseph E. Foley
GB, Post Roads, Towns & Rates 1635-39 Alan W. Robertson
Handbook of Irish Postal History to 1840 Feldman & Kane
Irish Free State Stamps Freeman & Stubbs
Irish Post Offices 1600-1990 FAI, Germany
Irish Postal History 16th Century to 1935 C. J. Cooke
List of Post Offices Saorstat Eireann 1923 FAI, Germany
The British County Catalogue I Willcocks & Jay
The Forwarding Agents Kenneth Rowe
The Forwarding Agents (II) Kenneth Rowe
The Maltese Cross of Ireland Hans G. Moxter
The Penny, Post 1680 – 1918 Frank Staff
The Post Offices of County Clare Mackey & Cassidy
The Post Offices of Ireland ÉPA
The Postal History Annual 1982 James A. Mackay
The Postal History Annual 1983 James A. Mackay
The Postal History Annual 1984 James A. Mackay
The Postal History Annual 1985 James A. Mackay
The Postal History Annual 1986 James A. Mackay
The Postal History Annual 1987 James A. Mackay
The Royal Mint Archives Norman J. Collins
Undated Namestamps of Ireland 1823-60 William Kane


Title Author
Billig’s Handbook on Postmarks Norman Hill
Billig’s Philatelic Handbook Fritz Billig
British Post Office Numbers 1844-1906 George Brumell
British Postmarks Alcock & Holland
British Postmarks Alcock & Holland
Datstampai Rubair bhfo-oifigi in Eirinn Seamas Mac Aodha
Dublin Penny Post Dixon From Lowe
Dublin Penny Post Manfred Dittmann
Irish Postmarks in Gaelic from 1922 James T. Howley
Irish Postmarks since 1840 James A. Mackay
Irish Slogan Postmarks 1918-1983 James A. Mackay
Irish Slogan Postmarks 1918-1994 Uwe Netzsch
Maltese Cross Cancellations of the UK II Alcock & Holland
Newspaper & Almanac Stamps GB. & Ireland Chandler & Dagnall
Numeral Cancellations of British Empire Reverend H. H. Heins
Nurneral Cancels 184 -1906 Tom Current
Post Offices & Date Stamps of Leitrim Dr. Brian de Burca
Post Offices & Datestamps of Leitrim James T. Howlev
Postal Markings of Dublin 1840-1922 William Kane
Postmarks ofthe British Isles 1840-1876 John G. Hendv
Sub Office Rubber Datestamps of Ireland James A. Mackay
The Dublin Spoon: 1855-1857 Dr. C. l. Dulin
The Irish Mail (Packet) Cyril Kidd
The Maltese Cross Postmarks Alcock & Holland
The Maritime Postmarks of Ireland Bernt Dienelt
The Postmarks of GB & Ireland 2nd Sup. Alcock & Holland
The Postmarks of GB & Ireland 3rd. Sup. Alcock & Holland
The Postmarks of GB & Ireland 6th. Sup. Alcock & Holland
The Postmarks of GB & Ireland 7th. Sup. Alcock & Holland
The Postmarks of GB & Ireland 8th. Sup. Alcock & Holland
The Postmarks of GB & Ireland Part II R. C. Alcock Ltd.
The Postmarks of GB& Ireland 4th. Sup. Alcock & Holland
The Postmarks of Great Britain & Ireland Alcock & Holland
The Spoon Experiment 1853-1858 Willcocks & Bentley

Railway Stamps

Title Author
Railway Letter Stamps UK 1891-1906 L'Estrange Ewen
Railway Newspaper & Parcel Stamps UK L'Estrange Ewen
Railway Stamps of Ireland Foley Copy
The Railway & Airway stamps of the British Isles 1891-1971 H. T. Jackson
The Railway Letter Posts of GB H. T. Jackson
The Railway Letter Stamps GB Part 3 Ecciestoiie & Turner
The Railway Letter Stamps GB Part I Ecciestoiie & Turner


Title Author
Adhesive Revenue Stamps of All Ireland Booth & Hall
Adhesive Revenue Stamps of Ireland James J. Brady
British Commonwealth Revenues J. Barefoot & A. Hall
GB Revenue Compendium John Barefoot
Revenue Stamps of the UK & Éire R. G. Booth
Revenue Stamps of the UK & Éire R. G. Booth
Stamp Duty of GB & Ireland Vol. 1, 1970 Frank & Schonfeld
Stamp Duty of GB & Ireland Vol. 2, 1971 Frank & Schonfeld
Stamp Duty of GB & Ireland Vol. 3, 1974 Frank & Schonfeld

Ship Mail

Title Author
The Maritime Postal History of London Alan W. Robertson
The Ship Letter Stamps of Ireland Alan W. Robertson
The Transatlantic Mail Frank Staff

Slide Shows

Title Author
Revenue Stamps Peter Bugg

Slogan Cancels

Title Author
Slogan Cancellations, Republic of Ireland F. E. Dixon


Title Author
British Postal Stationery A. K. Huggins
Check List of Postal Stationery Fred Dixon
Die Ganzsachen Irlands Otto Jung
Die Ganzsachen Irlands 1984 Otto Jung
Postal Stationery of Ireland Otto Jung

Traveling POs

Title Author
Irish TPO’s – History and Postmarks C. W. Ward
Railway Post Offices of GB &Ireland Norman Hill

Wreck Covers

Title Author
A History of Wreck Covers A. E. Hopkins