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What are the ÉPA Auctions and how do I participate?  The ÉPA Auctions are a service for the membership and they are by the members and for the members.  The ÉPA conducts four mail auctions per year featuring only Irish and Irish related philatelic material.  The material comes from our members and is available exclusively to our members.  For many years the Auctions have appeared within The Revealer, most recently on both the front and back inside sleeves of every Revealer; but now will be available through the Éire Philatelic Association's web site.  Members only are welcome to take advantage of their opportunity to participate in the ÉPA Auctions.  The ÉPA AUCTION RULES & REGULATIONS that govern how our auctions are organized and conducted can be viewed by clicking here.

Consignment of Material

All ÉPA members are welcome to consign Irish philatelic material for sale through the auction.  What does it take to consign material?  First off, your Auction Manager is here to help you and is willing to assist new consignors to get started.  Just send an email to your Auction Manager at EPA-Auction@roadrunner.com to request assistance.  Basically, to consign material, decide what items you no longer want or need in your own collection and that you also think another member would like to add to his/her collection.  Identify the item by Scott number, or other means, and briefly describe the item (Example: Scott #13, MNH, 1922 Dollard 5/- Seahorse in f-vf condition, Scott Cat. Value $225.00).  Next, decide what is the lowest price that you would be willing to accept - this price will be set as the Reserve in the Auction.  Finally, package all of your items for consignment in a secure package and mail them to your Auction Manager.  Your Auction Manager will review the material and description for accuracy and consistency and consult with you if there are changes needed.  Your consigned material accepted will be placed in the next available ÉPA Auction.  To assist consignors with organizing their consignments a CONSIGNOR'S CONSIGNMENT SHEET can be viewed by clicking here.  Once the lots sold through the auction have been paid for by the winning bidders, consignors will be sent their proceeds less a 10% seller's fee that the ÉPA retains to support ÉPA activities.  Consignors of unsold lots have the option to either consign the item for a future auction (a lower Reserve often improves the chance of sale) or to have their unsold items returned to them at their expense.

Bidding in the Auction

Bidding on items in the ÉPA auctions is the other way to join in on the fun and add to your collection.  Bidding is simple.  Submit a bid sheet identifying what Auction you are submitting bids for, the lots that you are bidding on, and the highest price that you are willing to pay, at or above the Reserve price, for that lot.  Bid sheets can be submitted via email (preferred) or USPS mail to the Auction Manager at EPA-Auction@roadrunner.com or Bob Kemper, 1301 Willow Bud Dr., Walnut, CA 91789.  Telephone bids will not be accepted.  To assist bidders with organizing their bids a BIDDER'S BID SHEET can be viewed by clicking here.  When the Auction closes, the person that submitted the highest bid for each lot will win that lot at a price one bidding increment above the second highest bid or at the Reserve price if there are no other bidders.  Winners will be notified via email or USPS mail, if no email address is provided, of their winning bids and the total amount due, including the estimated cost of shipping their winnings.  Once payment is received, lots will be shipped to their new owners.

Participating in ÉPA Auctions as a consignor, a bidder, or both can be a lot of fun and your Auction Manager is here to help you get the most out of them.  Feel free to contact your Auction Manager at EPA-Auction@roadrunner.com if you have any questions.

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