Withdrawn Ireland stamp found in kiloware

Ireland’s An Post withdrew the 0.60 Euro commemorative on its January 23, 2014 first day of issue because of a controversary over the design.  The stamp was supposed to show Irish Citizen cofounder Capt. Jack White in the foreground, but questions were raised as to whether or not it was White who was depicted (Linn’s, Feb. 17, page 1).

A few mint examples, including a pane of 15, were reported almost immediately after the stamp was withdrawn.  Mint examples of the withdrawn stamp have sold on eBay for amounts ranging from $472 to $12226.51, according to Linn’s.  The original pane of 15 was sold by Irish stamp dealer Padraig O’Shea for about $4100.  In November, a member of the Éire Philatelic Association found a used example while sorting through a small batch of kiloware from Australian dealer Kevin Morgan.  The ÉPA member collects used stamps of the Irish Republic.  As of this writing another used stamp ona piece was discovered in the Cork area and sold for 875 Euros by an irish stamp dealer.Check the current issue of the revealer for dealers who are selling this stamp.

The Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalog lists the stamp as Ireland Scott 2021, with a value of $900 for unused and used singles.


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