Spring 2020 Revealer

Dear fellow members of the ÉPA.  Although the Spring 2020 Revealer was sent out about a month ago,  the pandemic has caused 

major delays at the Post Office.  Bulk mail is the lowest priority, and with fewer flights and fewer healthy workers, the mail is delayed.

The good news is that members have started to receive their Revealer, so hang in there; your issue will be there soon.  In the meantime,

we have put the Spring issue on our ÉPA website for your convenience.  Please do not forget the ÉPA Auction.  Our manager Bob Kemper has sent the auction to all of our members that

have an email address and it is also available on our website.  Please support our auction, as it is an important source of revenue for the ÉPA.  We hope that you and your family are well and that these difficult times

will soon be over.

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