Forerunners. [097]


While forerunners refers a group of stamp-like labels of political interest that were printed from the 1880’s through the 1920’s prior to the establishment of the Irish Free State, the name suggests these are predecessorsthe first postage stamps, but this is not the case. The Irish forerunners are really political labels as opposed to postally valid adhesives. They were not meant as prepayment of postage but fit into the turbulent and complex political historythe period, though much information about them is still unknown.

1907-1916 Sinn Fein Celtic Cross label

The use of these labels on the front of envelopes was forbidden by Post Office regulations July, 1908.

1922 Irish White Cross labels

These labels were issued to provide relief to victims of Black and Tan atrocities.

1907-1916 Sinn Fein Hibernia label with narrow crown

Used on registered first day cover the 1941 Easter Rising provisional 2d and 3d overprints, the stamp dates from the 1909-1912 era

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