Gutter Pairs. [031]

Gutter Pairs

Until 1970 it was common for Irish stamps to be printed in sheets120 with a gutter pane dividing the two groups60 stamps. A Gutter Pair comprises one stamp from eachthe top and bottom panes and includes the gutter margin between each stamp. After 1970 few stamp sheets had gutters except for 6th definitive series between 1980 and 1990 and a few select commemorative stamps.

1922 1/2d 5-line Dollard overprint
1922 1d  3-line Thom overprint
1944 Br. Rice 2 1/2d
1938 Fr. Matthew centenary 2d and 3d
1962 O’Donovan and O’Curry Death centenary 3d and 1/3
1970 Se-tenant Pairs 9d and 2/9 • Irish Patriots 50th Death AnniversaryThomas Mac Curtain and Terence MacSwiney
1982 29d Early Irish Art from 4th Definitive Series used in 1999

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