EIR Code. [075]


2015 saw the start of EIRCODE, a mail code intended to meet the unique complexities of Irish mail. This program assigns a unique code to every dwelling in the country, from the lonely cottage in Donegal to the maze of buildings in Dublin.

This system allows mechanization, not only of mail sorting, but also mail delivery. Instead of a postperson having to spend hours sorting mail for their delivery route, the mail is presorted to give them the mail in delivery sequence. While this requires the deliverer to walk a specified route, it selects the optimum route. This results in the capability to expand route with a corresponding savings in manpower. This system also reduces the number of times a letter is sorted since the output from the Integrated Mail Centers is given to regional offices in delivery route sequence, for example, rather than just the mail for Limerick which then must be resorted. The result is faster delivery service.

The flyer shown as Figure 1 was distributed to all users. The benefits are annunciated the benefits in both Irish and English. Most importantly, it gave a card (Figure 2) for that individual location to remind the occupant.