Military Cancels – Northern Ireland. [007]


Collecting commemorative cancels from the British military in Northern Ireland can be an interesting area. These cancels are created to commemorate an event, often the closure of a base or the disbandment of a unit.

Another interesting are is finding American military mail from units stationed there in WWII in preparation for the invasion of Nazi-held continental Europe. Several divisions were based there in addition to Army Air Force units, and Naval forces transiting Londonderry en-route to and from convoy escort duty on the North Atlantic. See “American Military in Ireland – WWII”. Lest we forget them, there were Americans manning blimps and destroyers in Ireland during WWI.

Mail and cancels of the military arms of the Republic are discussed as a separate topic.



While there is no specific sources or catalog of such cancels, they are often listed in Gibbon’s Stamp Monthly.

The Military Postal History of Ireland, Kumpf, Heinz-Jurgen, FAI Publication 27, is an interesting study of this area of philately.