US Military in Ireland – WWII. [079]

Many people are unaware that American military forces were stationed in Ireland in WWII. The Postal History of the US Army and Navy units reflects the preparations for the invasion of North Africa or continental Europe. American units were not stationed in the Republic of Ireland which remained neutral


Several American Divisions were stationed in Northern Ireland after the American entry into the war in 1941. This served as an assembly point and a training area prior to combat, either in TORCH (1942) or OVERLORD (D-Day 6Jun44). This was necessary since men and equipment arrived at different times, and invasion ships needed to be reloaded in combat offload sequence. Most of these locations were vacated after D-Day or soon thereafter. Specific units and APO numbers are listed below, along with location where known.



2 2nd Infantry Div. Armagh 25Oct43 18Apr44

5 5th Infantry Div. Belfast, 1Oct43 7Oct43

     Bryansford 8Oct43 31Oct43

     Newcastle 1Nov43 15Jul44

8 8th Infantry Div. Omagh 18Dec43 3Jul44

9 39RCT Belfast, Downpatrick 7Oct42 15Oct42

34 34th Infantry Div Omagh 31Jan42 1Dec42

128 Stn 238 USAAF Cluntoe 23Apr44 29Oct44

129 Colraine 29Jan44 25Apr44

131 HQ 8th AIR FORCE Limavady 1Feb44 1May44

132 Stn 597 USAAF Langford Lodge 17Mar44 10Oct44

146 Stn 236 USAAF Toome, Irvinestown 4Feb44 1Apr45

147 Irvinestown 23Feb44 1Aug44

151 HQ IX Fighter Cmd Lashenden 19Apr44 10Jul44

153 Bangor 21Jan44 15May44

251 1st Armored Div Castlewellan 16May42 1Nov42

270 XIX ARMY CORPS Knock Camp Belfast 25Feb44 12Jul44

305 V ARMY CORPS Lurgan 22May42 13Nov42

436 XVI ARMY CORPS Lurgan 4Feb44 1Jun44

441 Castledawson 5Apr44 11Aug44

469 82ND Airborne Div Castledawson 12Dec43 22Jan44

512 Ballymena

577 Ballymena 16Dec43 25Jul44

636 HQ 8TH AF Services Cronlin 24Sep42 25Oct42

     ” Langford Lodge 25Oct42 18May44

639 HQ 8th AF Long Kesh 1Nov42 14Dec42

     ” Kirkcassok House 15Dec42 13Feb44

641 Londonderry 23Jul42 20Feb43

813 Numbered Air Force (3rd ?) Victoria Barracks, Belfast 29Jan42 18Jun45

US NAVY (Branch Numbers)

US Navy ships regularly transited Londonderry as a turnaround point while escorting convoys across the North Atlantic. Ships were refueled, resupplied, and damage repaired.

Navy Number, Name & Location, Start Date, Closure Date

218 Advanced Base Lough Erne 21Oct42 15May43

220 Advanced Base Londonderry Radio 21 Oct42 —

            Changed to FPO 09512 10Sep53

218 Advanced Base Loch Erne 21Oct42 15Nov43

243 Belfast 11Mar43 30Jun45

610 Naval Hospital Belfast 30Oct42 15Nov44

615 Naval Storehouse #5, Londonderry 28Dec42 15Nov44

1800 Naval Training Base Londonderry 3Oct42 15Nov44

         used Navy Number 220 for mail.

9960 Classified Location, N. Ireland (probably not used)

10558 Radio Station, Londonderry 1Oct44 28Dec46

10860 97th Naval Construction Bn 18Sep43 8Aug44

10961 Operating Base#1, Londonderry 15Apr43 17Mar44

17031 Naval Radio ? ?


12959 Marine Barracks, Londonderry 1Dec43 28Aug44