1906 Picture Postcard ‘Belfast Queen’s Bridge’ from Clough D.O. to Punja, India with Clough D.O. SE 12 06 cancel on 1d British stamp, also Pathankot 2 OC 06 cancel & Dalhousie 10 OC 06 cancel (card has a vertical fold not affecting stamp or cancellations)


1934 Picture postcard “Lough Currane, Waterville” from Catair Dhomnaill to Lisbon, Portigal withCATAIR DHOMNAILL 4 IX 34 cancel on horizontal pair ½d, “se” wmk, Sc. #65 booklet stamps. Also shown is LISBOA CENTRAL 6 9 34 receiving mark.


1951 Airmail cover from Taobh na Coille to USA w/TAOBH NA COILLE 17 XII 51 cancel on pair 8d “e” wmk Sc. #137


1959 Cover from Dublin to Manchester with hexigonal TAILLE DEANAI, B’L ATHA CLIATH 7:0PM 11 VIII 59 Late Fee cancel on Sc. #107(3) & #128.


1907 Picture Postcard (‘Donegall Square & Wellington Place, Belfast’) from Belfast to Greenisland, Co. Antrim with Belfast SP 26 07 cancel on British stamp with Perfin: Robertson Lislile Ferguson & Co. LTD.


1935 Picture postcard “Eccles Hotel, Glengarriff, Co. Cork” from Cork to Kilkee with CORCAIGH 28 JUN 35 “USE THE TELEPHONE” slogan cancel on 1d, “se” wmk, Sc. #66 booklet stamp


1951 Commercial cover (T. C. D. Club – Trinity College Dublin) from Dublin to England with two 1d perf 15 x imperf coil stamps (Sc. #87) SCARCE USAGE & ½d O’Clery (Sc. #128). Baile Atha Cliath 19 SEP 1951 “Ireland for the Holidays” meter cancel


1959 Cover from Dun Laoghaire to Canada with 1sh3p (Sc. #150) & DUN LAOGHAIRE 12 MAR 1959 “License your Radio Promply” slogan cancel


1908 Picture Postcard ‘Ross Castle, Killarney’ from Queenstown to HNS Skipjack c/o GPO with Queenstown JU 16 08 CDS, then redirected, another Queenstown JU 17 08 CDS, a Kilkee RSO JU 18 08 CDS, and then a Carricaholt JU 18 08 CDS. (postcard has a very small piece of the bottom corner missing)


1936 Cover from Cork to Cork with CORAIGH 2 NOV 1936 “Grow More Wheat” machine cance on ½d Sc. #65. Also included on the front are “LIABLE TO LETTER RATE / 136” marking, a “3d” postage due marking and a handwritten “Refuse” with initials. Postage due paid with a 1d & 2d postage due labels Sc. #J2 & J3 and cancelled Corcaigh