Volume 1, Number 12

Irish Philatelic Newsletter

Volume 1, Number 12                                                                                                                      December, 1999

A periodic publication for the members of the Éire Philatelic Association, the Irish Airmail Society, the Irish Philatelic Circle and the Forschungs-und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Irland e.V. The newsletter will be e-mailed to all interested members.

Published and edited by Michael Connolly

Maurice Barrett

Wed, 03 Nov. 1999

A new IMP slogan came into use on 1 November, 1999 and is worded: 
Christmas Gift / Dúchas Yearly Ticket / For 62 Heritage / Sites / CALL SAVE 1850 600 601. 
Impressions for machine 2 dated 1 November, 1999 have been seen and for machine 1 dated 2 November, 1999. Dúchas is the state-owned body with responsibility for national heritage sites such as old castles, monastic sites, and interpretive centres (and, I don’t know) maybe inland waterways.

The “…..Return Address…..” slogan was last seen used on 31 October, 1999.

Wed, 17 Nov. 1999

A new IMP slogan came into use on 16 November, 1999 and is worded: 
within a boxed frame. Impressions for machine 1 dated 16 November, 1999 have been seen but no machine 2 examples have yet been seen by me but are likely there somewhere.

The “…..Dúchas Yearly Ticket…..” slogan was last seen used on 15 November, 1999.

Mon., 22 Nov. 1999

The POST EARLY / FOR CHRISTMAS / =POST slogan (IMP no. 11) was used, as normal, on Saturday, 20th and Sunday, 21st November, 1999 on both machines I assume. However, the date format reverted to the ?Year 2000? format of 20-11-1999 or 21-11-1999, rather than the more usual 20.11.1999 or 21.11.1999 format on each day. The time was omitted on both days. The examples that I have are both for machine 1 on 21st November, 1999 at time codes ?25? and ?27?. I have seen the slogan for the 20th but do not know for which machine, nor for what time.

An Post use this alternative date format when they are testing the IMP technology for “Year 2000” compliance and it was also used on the weekend of 19th and 20th June, 1999.

Fri., 26 Nov. 1999

The format of the “-“ and no time has continued during this week, up to and including 24 November, 1999 and presumably again today. Whether this is due to oversight or continuing “Year 2000” testing I cannot say.



Irish Perfin Study Group
Michael Connolly

I recently heard from Bill Shields of Philadelphia that he is involved with Roy Gault and they are starting an Irish perfin study group. With Paddy Murphy in Dublin, Joe Dooley in Texas, Mike Cole in Wales, and a few others.  It sounds like a lot of fun. Roy publishes the G.B. catalogue of G.B. perfins and is doing a catalogue of the Irish perfins that are found on the overprints. 

FAI Auction No. 69
Klaus Stange

Dear friends,

Although the next DIE HARFE is not yet printed (but will be out soon) you may already find the new auction list on the net at the FAI-Homepage

Happy collecting,

Recent Show Awards
Michael Connolly

Patrick J. Ryan, “Irish Registered Postal Stationary”, Silver-Bronze award, Greater Houston Stamp Show, September, 1999

Karl Winkelmann, “Postal Isolation of Ireland: British Censorship of Irish Mail – 1939-1945”, Gold award, 
Indypex 99, September, 1999, also American Philatelic Society research medal.

Karl Winkelmann, “The Dublin Censor Office: Irish Censorship During World War II”, Gold award, Indypex 99, September, 1999.

Myron G. Hill, “Irish S.P.1 Censor Labels”, Silver-Bronze award, one-frame exhibit, Indypex 99, 
September, 1999.

Scott Catalog for 2001
Joe Foley

Within the next couple of weeks I’ll be sending in my recommendations for the 2001 Scott Catalogue. I’d welcome any suggestions you may have.

Joe Foley

Want Ads

Postage Stamps Used as Revenues
Michael Connolly

1941 Rising Overprints used for revenue purposes with overprinting by Cork Gas Consumer Co. or other private companies. 

William S. Shields 

Why Keep Them if You Don’t Collect Them?  Are you interested in swapping Irish, Welsh, Great Britain, Turkey
or Egypt perfins? 

Any perfins on Ireland’s overprints?  Do you have any Great Britain perfins used in Ireland with a nice Irish town or
city cancel?  Any perfins on cover from Ireland? 

I have in return, very nice Ireland used, the majority of which have cds.  I also have county/town cancels of the 32
counties.  Name your county of interest.  Have high value used for perfins on cover, also for the Overprints.  Will
do my best to please. 

Whether you have only 1 or 101, I am definitely interested. Dupes are OK also. 

William S. Shields 
4214 Longshore Ave., #212, Philadelphia, PA 19135-2140, USA

Irish Acceptance – Graf Zeppelin
David Brennan

WANTED: 1st Irish acceptance for the Graf Zeppelin to South America dated 21 Mar 1932.  Please advise condition and price. 


Revenues on Document
Michael Connolly

Wanted: Irish revenue stamps, embossed or adhesive, on original documents, 19th and 20th century.  Please provide details of stamps and documents, condition and price. 

Michael Connolly

Irish Dog License Stamps
Joe Foley

Wanted: Irish Dog License stamps overprinted “SOUTHERN IRELAND” and overprinted in Gaelic “Rialtas Sealdac na heireann”, Booth & Hall numbers S1, S2, F1, F1a and F2.  Also issues for Northern Ireland, Booth & Hall numbers N1a, N1b, N2, N4, N5, N5a & N6.  Mint, used and/or on document examples desired.

Joe Foley

Censored Covers / Airmail Covers
Karl Winkelmann

Wanted: Better W.W.II censored covers to/from Ireland, especially exotic destinations or origins.  Also Irish airmail covers (not 1/3d rates, preferably)


A Message From the Editor

Nollaig Shona
Athbhliain faoi Mhaise

Editorial statement:

In today’s cyber-age, its only fitting that we interact in cyberspace. I can’t see any reason why the members of our societies should not join in. More and more of our members are now accessing e-mail and the internet.

To subscribe to the Newsletter, send a request by e-mail to webmaster.  To remove yourself from receiving the Newsletter, send your request to the same e-mail address. 

Viewing of the newsletter is available online from the ÉPA web page

Past issues are archived and are available for online retrieval, again from the ÉPA web page.  E-mail requests for back issues are also accepted.

Members are encouraged to contribute articles or bits of news to the newsletter.  I believe that learned treatises belong in our society journals, where they can be shared with all members. I don’t feel that a newsletter should ever attempt to be a replacement for our journals.

“Newsy” bits would certainly interest me personally and would seem to be ideal for a newsletter such as this.

Requests for information and help with puzzling items can be submitted and, hopefully, some reader will have an answer.

Brief articles or informational pieces would also be welcome.

If you have e-mail access, you can send articles by e-mail to webmaster.

For those in the U.S.A., libraries providing access and free e-mail sites are proliferating.  Members could access the Web even without home or office access to cyberspace.

Input from members can even come via our beloved snail-mail.

Submitters should understand that any material published in the newsletter would, automatically, become available for publication in our journals. 

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