Volume 1, Number 2

Irish Philatelic Newsletter

Volume 1, Number 2                                                                                                                                 February, 1999

A periodic publication for the members of the Éire Philatelic Association, the Irish Airmail Society, the Irish Philatelic Circle and the Forschungs-und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Irland e.V. The newsletter will be e-mailed to all interested members.

Published and edited by Michael Connolly

Stan Challis
Monday February 15, 1999 06:43:35


I am just working on County Cork postmarks and have reached Buttevant. Attached is a scan of a mark used at Buttevant Station, inscribed BUTTEVANT RAIL. My only example is dated 27 June 1929 on plain paper. 

I believe that Dr Stafford Johnson either got samples of all new marks provided to him by a GPO official at this period, or got samples direct from some of the stations themselves. From the same source came a YOUGHAL RAIL mark of the same type dated 5 Dec 1930 on a 1/2d stamp. 

Who has other dates/ more information etc? 

Stan Challis

Good Press for Irish Philately.
Michael Connolly

Monday February 15, 1999 06:45:09

In case you missed it, Everett Parker, in the January 1999 edition of Global Stamp News, page 10, wrote a review of “O.A.T. and A.V.2 Markings on Irish Airmail” written by William J. Murphy, published by the Éire Philatelic Association. 

It’s always nice to see Irish philately get a plug.

Recent Show Awards
Michael Connolly
Monday February 15, 1999 06:47:32

Recent Show Awards

Patricia Stillwell Walker, “Ireland: Postal History: 1661 through the 1890s”
Reserve Grand and Gold, Postal History Society award, ÉPA award, Felix Ganz award
at Chicgopex 98

James Maher, “Ireland, the Overprinted Stamps of Great Britain 1922-1937”
Gold, Chicago Philatelic Society member award at Chicagopex 98

Paul E. Wittreich, “Ireland Censored Mail During WWII”
Vermeil at Chicagopex 98

Karl F. Winkelmann, “Irish Uniform Foreign Airmail Rate”
Silver at Chicagopex 98

David J. Brennan, “Irish Airmails, 50 Years of First Flights, 1924-1974”
Silver at Chicagopex 98

Does anyone know of other recent awards?

ÉPA AGM Schedules
Michael Connolly
Monday February 15, 1999 06:49:21

ÉPA AGM Schedules

The Philadelphia National Stamp Exhibition is the site for the Annual General Meeting of the Éire Philatelic Association this fall. The location has been changed to the Fort Washington Expo Center in King of Prussia, PA. The hotel is the Fort Washington Holiday Inn close by the expo center. The dates are Oct 1-3, 1999

The Éire Philatelic Association 50th Anniversary celebration will take place at Boxborough Mass. in conjunction with the Philatelic Show 2000 in the Holiday Inn.  The dates for the 50th anniversary are May 5-7, 2000

In the year 2001, the ÉPA will have its AGM in Dallas, TX. The dates are April 6-8.  Pat Ryan is chairman of that affair.

In the year 2002, the ÉPA will have its AGM at Balpex, Baltimore, MD. on Labor Day weekend at the Marriot same as in past years. 

So, if you are an ÉPA member, you can plan ahead to attend. 

Information supplied by Dave Brennan, inspiration by Barney Clancy.

Does anyone know the dates for STAMPA ’99 in Ireland?

Irish Auction Lots
Michael Connolly
Monday February 15, 1999 06:50:52

Nutmeg Stamp Sales is having Mail Sale # 13 on THursday, February 25, 1999.  They are offering 25 lots of Irish covers. 

One lot consists of Scott 85-6 (block of 4 of each) complete set tied by 12.V.1932 double circle First Day postmarks on single registered cover to NYC, proper backstamps.

Nutmeg Phone: 203-792-3862                   Fax: 203-798-7902
E-Mail: Nutmeg@Mags.net
Internet: html://stampauctioncent

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