Die Harfe DVD of issues 1-116.

This is from the Irish Study Group based in Germany. These are the first 116 issues of thier journal “Die Harfe”.  The first issue was published in 1982 with 4 issues per year.  Starting with issue #96 they are bi-lingual.

Ireland’s 5th Definitive Series Birds

In this volume the author shows the different values, ones used during the transition from punts to euros, different papers, gums and different sheets booklets ….

Irish Postal Rates, 1839-2014

This publication picks up from where Fred Dixon’s publication “Postal Rates before 1840” left off.  The authors have attempted to summarise all available information for the period since 1839 and list all the principal postage rates of interest to postal historians.  It does not contain information about parcel rates.

The Dublin Penny Post

Based on extensive research in postal archives and museums in Ireland and Great Britain, this is a well documented treatment of the subject, illustrated, 312 pages.

75 years of Irish Stamps

An anthology by eight noted philatelists representing a variety of interests in Irish philately, with special postcard produced by AnPost, illustrated, 139 pages.