Postal Forms and Labels. [040]

Unseen by the public, many documents are created because the Post Office is a bureaucracy, and bureaucracies thrive on paper. Many of these are for the good order and operation of the organization. The ” Uniform Inspection” form insures everyone has a proper uniform (Figure 1). Any shorfalls are replaced with the “Uniform Replacement” form (Figure 2). The “Imperfect Date Stamping” form puts the local Postmaster on notice that date stamps are incorrect or not legible. This is a legal requirement to determine when letters were mailed. (Figure 3). Since the Post Office is a customer of the railway, it has the right to complain and get answers if mail is delayed, mis-directed, or damaged. The “Mail Irregularity” form is used for this purpose.(Figure 4).

These are only a few of the documents used to insure the Post Office runs in an orderly and efficient manner. They are seldom seen by the public, but play an essential role, and, thus, are appropriate to collect.