The President’s Award For Best Single-Frame Exhibit


The President’s Award for the best Irish single-frame exhibit will be presented to the best Irish exhibit as determined by the show jury (show award of Silver or better).  A minimum of two qualifying entries (Silver or better) must be part of the exhibit.  This award is presented only at shows where theÉPA is in annual meeting.  Exceptions can be made for International shows.  This award is not restricted to ÉPA members.  An exhibit can only win the President’s Award once.

Award Recipients

Award Date Awardee Name Award Show Description
2013 Raymond Murphy BALPEX

Irish Official Mail Logos: Predecessors and First Series

2014 Raymond Murphy Sescal 2014

Official Mail of the Irish Provisional Government and the Irish Free State

2015 Raymond Murphy Chicagopex 2015

Official Mail of the Provisional Government and the Irish Free State 1922-1937

2016 Robert Benninghoff Garfield Perry

The Collection of Postage Due Fees in Ireland 1914-1926

2018 Raymond H. Murphy Balpex 2018

Official Mail of the irish Provisional Government and the Irish Free State 1922-1937.

2022 Robert Benninghoff NOJEX/ASDA 2022

The Collection of Postage Dues Fees in Ireland 1914 to 1925