The Joseph E. Foley Memorial Medal

The Joseph E. Foley Memorial Medal (formerly the ÉPA Medal) for the best Irish multi-frame exhibit will be presented to the best Irish exhibit as determined by the show jury (show award of Silver or better). A minimum of three qualifying entries (Silver or better) must be past of the exhibit. This award is presented only at shows where the ÉPA is in annual meeting. Exceptions may be made for International shows (for example Stampa). This award is not restricted to ÉPA members.  An exhibit can only win the Foley Medal once.

Award Recipients

Award Date Awardee Name Award Show Description
1984 Patricia S. Walker Boston


1985 Peter Bugg Boston


1985 Joseph E. Foley WESTPEX

High Value Overprints

1986 Colonel B. B. Zellers San Antonio


1986 Colonel B. B. Zellers ORCOPEX

Embossed Revenues

1986 Peter Bugg Boston


1986 Eugene Labuik STAMPA

Postal History

1987 Colonel B. B. Zellers STAMPA


1987 Eugene Labuik SESCAL

Postal History

1988 Richard McBride Boston


1988 Patricia S. Walker TEXPEX

Postal History

1989 Robert Benninghoff SESCAL


1993 Anthony Hughes STAMPA

Postal History

1994 Colonel B. B. Zellers ROPEX


1994 Joseph E. Foley STAMPA

High Value Overprints

1995 Karl F. Winkelmann STAMPA

Postal Censorship: Postal Isolation of Ireland

1995 Peter E. Bugg Boxborough

Ireland’s First Commemorative

1996 Charles J. G. Verge BALPEX

Postal Markings of Dublin

1996 Brian Warren STAMPA

The Gerl Definitive Coils

1997 Brian Warren PACIFIC 97

The Architecture Definitives

1997 Peter Wood STAMPA

Troubles & Transition: Ireland 1900-1930

1998 Kenneth Magee STAMPA

Ireland, 1940-1901

1998 Patricia S. Walker CHICAGOPEX

Postal History, 1661-1890s

1999 Robert Benninghoff PNSE

Irish Coil Stamps 1922 to 1977

1999 Ronny Vogt STAMPA

Irish Transatlantic Pioneer Airmails

2000 Barney Clancy Boxborough

Ireland, Postal Stationery 1922-1940

2000 David J. Brennan STAMPA

Railway Letter Stamps of Ireland

2001 James Maher MILCOPEX

Ireland, the Overprinted Stamps of Great Britain, 1922-1935

2002 Brian Warren STAMPA

The Bird Definitives – The Story So Far

2003 Bernard Clancy APS Show

Ireland Postal Stationery: 1922-1937

2004 John Madigan CHICAGOPEX

Overprint Stamp Issues of Ireland: 1922-1937

2005 Garvin Lohman SESCAL

Ireland Postal History, 1672-1900

2006 Raymond How STAMPA

Mail Across the Sea, Milford Haven to Waterford

2007 Karl Winkelmann Philatelic Show

Dublin Censor Office

2007 Anthony Hughes STAMPA

The Postmarks of Athlone

2008 Joanna Williamson STAMPA

Ireland, The Map Stamp 1922-1949

2010 Stan Challis STAMPA

Irish Registered Mail: 1841-1922

2011 Ray Murphy Philatelic Show

Irish Railway Letter Stamps

2011 Brian Warren STAMPA

The Gerl Definitives, Booklets and Coils

2012 Brian Warren STAMPA

Irish Rugby Football Union

2013 David Brennan BALPEX

Telegraph Stamps and Forms Used in Ireland and Great Britain

2014 Ronny Vogt Stampa 2014

Overprinted Seahorses Used for Airmail Services

2015 William O’Connor Chicagopex 2015

A Visit to Ireland and the Irish International Exhibition, Dublin 1907, as Seen Through Picture Postcards of the Time

2016 Robert Benninghoff Garfield Perry March Party

Irish Coil Stamps 1922 to 1970

2016 “Mark Post” STAMPA

The 1/2 d O’Clery on Domestic and Foreign Mail

2017 Brian Harmon STAMPA

Vox Hibernia Airmail Stamps

2018 Brian Callan BALPEX

Postcards from River Lee, Cork City and Harbor, 1900-1920.

2019 Brian Warren STAMPA

Irish Variable Value Stamps

2022 Hal Vogel NOJEX/ASDA 2022

A Postal History of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition.