Mercer R Bowers Award

For New and Improved Exhibits

Award Recipients

Award Date Awardee Name Award Show Description
2004 Barney Clancy CHICAGOPEX

Ireland, Postal Stationery 1922-1942 (m)

2004 Joseph E. Foley CHICAGOPEX

The Ubiguitous Tuppence Map (s)

2005 Barney Clancy SESCAL

Ireland Propaganda Labels 1922-1965 (m)

2005 Barney Clancy SASCAL

The Pre-Decimal Booklets of Ireland (s)

2006 Barney Clancy BALPEX

The Pre-Decimal Booklets of Ireland (s)

2006 Paul Bento BALPEX

An Introduction to Irish Perfins (m)

2007 George Nicholson Boxborough

Irish History through the Post 1820-2000 (m)

2007 David Brennan Boxborough

Railway Parcel Stamps of Ireland 1855-1900 (s)

2008 Brian Warren STAMPA

Carrickfergus Castle (m)

2008 Ronny Vogt STAMPA

Ballon Mont’s to Ireland (s)

2009 John Madigan CHICAGOPEX

The Overprints of Ireland (m)

2009 David Brennan CHICAGOPEX

Railway Parcel Stamps of Ireland 1855-1900 (s)

2010 (No award presented)
2011 Barney Clancy Boxborough

Political and Propaganda Labels of Ireland

2011 David Brennan Boxborough

Telegraph Stamps & Forms used in Great Britain and Ireland (m)

2012 Raymond Murphy STAMPA

Irish Offiical Mail Logos

2012 Gerry Byrne STAMPA

Irish Pan American Airways, 1928-1941

2013 Liam Malone BALPEX

The Postage Due Stamps of Ireland 1922 – 1993 (m)

2013 Brian Harmon BALPEX

Water Conservation; Save water, Save Life (s)

2014 Raymond Murphy Sescal 2014

Official Mail of the Irish Provisional Government and the irish Free State

2014 Bill O’Connor Sescal 2014

A Visit to Ireland and the Irish International Exhibition, Dublin, 1907, as Seen through Picture Postcards of the Time.

2015 Alfred E. Kugel Chicagopex 2015

New single frame exhibit “British Forces in Ireland 1920-1922”

2015 Liam Malone Chicagopex 2015

For his new and novel multiple frame exhibit “Wild Flowers Definitives of Ireland”

2016 Bridget McLain Garfield Perry

Ireland’s Stamps of Independence: An Irish Identity Revealed

2017 William A. O’Connor MILCOPEX 2017

(s)  The irish International Exhibition, Dublin 1907

2018 Brian Callan BALPEX

Postcards from River Lee, Cork City and harbor, 1900-1920. (m)

2018 Raymond H. Murphy Balpex 2018

Official mail of the Irish provisional Government and the Irish Free State 1922-1937. (s)