Vincent A. Linnell Award

To be given for the best article in a single volume of the official journal, as determined by a committee determined by the Vice President of North America (rev. 11/21/15). All articles having a by-line within a volume are eligible. A multi-part article will be deemed to be in the volume in which the last part appears. The award shall consist of an appropriate award and a certificate prepared for presentation to the recipient.

Award Recipients

Award Date Awardee Name Award Show Description
1983 Richard Swords
1984 Patricia S. Walker
1985 Edward Fitzgerald
1987 Michael H. Priestley
1988 George Ithell
1989 William Kane
1992 Charles J. G. Verge
1993 Dr. Cyril I. Dulin
1994 Otto Jung
1995 Hans Bergdolt
1996 William P. Fletcher
1997 Patrick J. Ryan, Sr.
1998 Uwe Netzsch
1999 Hans G. Moxter
2000 Hans G. Moxter
2001 George Nicholson
2002 Brian Warren
2003 Hans Bergdolt
2004 Colin Breddy
2005 Paddy Lineen
2006 Hans Bergdolt
2007 Ray Murphy
2008 Hans Bergdolt
2010 Robert Dombrowski and Otto Jung
2011 Brian Warren
2014 Robert Benninghoff
2015 Robert Benninghoff Chicagopex 2015

“Coil Stamps Used for Payment of the 2D Duty on Receipts”

2016 Liam Malone MILCOPEX 2017

“SE Watermark Postage Due Varieties”

2017 Hans Bergdolt Balpex 2018

“Post Between Ireland and the Ionian Isles in the 1850s”

2019 Raymond Murphy Boxborough MA

“Postal Stationary of the Irish Service/Bureau”

2020 Hal Vogel 2020 Virtual AGM

“The Five Polar ‘Expeditions’ of Great Britain’s Greatest Irish Polar Expeditioner”

2021 Robert Benninghoff NOJEX/ASDA 2022

“Ireland and Her Wars”.

2022 Mike Doherty NOJEX/ASDA 2022

“Back to County Dublin”.